Business development manager ICT, Project Manager ICT, Project Manager Electromechanics and Aeronautics Project Manager Drone UAV
code SS-LU-202004-290 on au Luxembourg

Experienced with 7 years as ICT division Manager-Eiffage Benelux group, 11 years as head of business development Manager and ICT project manager at CCorp, I have acquired great expertise in strategy, management, commercial, technical and marketing. Refs: Audi Brussels A1 Factory, AMEX Belgium, ...

MR Se... S...


9944 Beiler Lu

Expertise :

In the following industries:

Fields of practice:
Business Manager, Product Manager, Marketing and communication strategy

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Sales management Production Management Communications management

Types of interventions:
Work alone or with a team depending of the mission, AGILE, ITIL, CRM, ERP,

Training courses attended:
EASA Part-M Aeronautics
CCNA CSCO11618878
Marketing and Communication - Eiffage group
ISO 9001, ISO 14001

CCNA CSCO11618878
A-Level +3 Industrial IT Graduate C, C++, Cobol, Assembly language, Turbo Pascal, I/O Automation
CESS A-Level, Computer-Programmer: Technology,
Electro-mechanics and Automation


Led training courses:

Computer skills:
Software: MS Office et Adobe suite, Projects, CRM, ERP, Visio, CAD Alibre CAM OS: Microsoft, Apple, Linux Applications : Call Center Cisco, Avaya Virtualisation APL: Citrix, Microsoft Azure Software development CRM/ERP, APPLI, Intra/Extranet Management : ESIA, NAGIOS, SolarWinds Webex, Webex Team, Polycom Access : RSA, Radius, NAC CyberSec Soft : Sophos Central Management, Kaspersky

Languages: Fr En 0

Some references:
Audi Brussels AG, BE/GE
IPG Gosselies BE
Gauder Group SA BE/FR/Chine
CHR-CHM Mouscron BE
Ardenne Etape LU
Infomedics NL
EFTA, ESA EU Community and Genova

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SECTORS/FIELDS New Information Technologies, Telecommunication, IP Network Infrastructure,
Software infrastructure, DEV (OS, CRM, ERP, Call Center, Appli) and Cyber Security.
• Versatile passionate expert in Business development NICT, with an important
technical background, a great autonomy and long-term vision. Significant
experiences in multisectoral business relations and ICT market strategies.
• Management and monitoring of projects from A to Z, methodical, with
valuable references from different renown partners or clients who can
confirm and attest to the quality of my work (contacts available).
More than 18 years of experience in:
• Infrastructure:
Computer networks, IP telephony, VPN, Cloud solutions, Microsoft server, NAS,
• Software:
CRM, ERP, Software Suite (MS Office, Adobe…) CAO/CAD, integration
• Development :
o Application type CRM/ERP
o APPLI (IOS/ANDROID) and miscellaneous other types of development
o Intranet/Extranet, Web/E-Commerce
• Cyber Security :
o Firewall, Access Control, NAC
o Anti-Malwares, Anti-Virus, Endpoints control
• Audit/Consultancy:
Drafting of documentation and specifications
Professional, motivated and endowed with a solid team spirit and an extraordinary
I know how to handle situations under great pressure by mastering stress and
achieving objectives.
o Solicitous to a job well done and flexible vision of things
o Eager to learn and to have a continuous training and technical development
o Excellent interpersonal skills and very effective in difficult negotiations
o Convincing speaker, I communicate my passion
o Perceptive in the search of solutions
Page 2
2019: ITIL Service Management
2013: EASA Part-M Aeronautics
2012: CCNA CSCO11618878, NTIC, Cisco Belgium – Brussels
2012: PPL(H), Private Pilot Helicopter, Heli&Co SA – SPA
2009: Training in management and monitoring of projects AGILE, FIA Liège
2007: Internal training in « Marketing and Communication » within the Eiffage group
2006: Training ISO 9001, ISO 14001
1997: (=A-Level +3) Industrial IT Graduate C, C++, Cobol, Assembly language, Turbo
Pascal, I/O Automation, INPRES – Seraing
1994: CESS (= A-Level), Computer-Programmer with orientation: Technology,
Electro-mechanics and Automation, IPES – Verviers, Belgium
LANGUAGES French: mother tongue
English: C1 Level
Dutch: A1 Level
(Places where I worked)
Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Germany, England, Holland, China,
Israel, Russia
MASTER TOOLS Application/Software :
Software: MS Office et Adobe suite, Projects, CRM, ERP, Visio, CAD Alibre CAM
OS: Microsoft, Apple, Linux
Applications : Call Center Cisco, Avaya
Virtualisation APL: Citrix, Microsoft Azure
Software development CRM/ERP, APPLI, Intra/Extranet
Management : ESIA, NAGIOS, SolarWinds
Webex, Webex Team, Polycom
Access : RSA, Radius, NAC
CyberSec Soft : Sophos Central Management, Kaspersky
Infrastructure :
CCNA 2012, IP Network, Infrastructure IPVPN et Cloud, VOIP, CUCM CISCO,
Firewall ASA, WatchGuard, Sophos, Fortinet
Switches Catalyst series 29xxx au 65xxx et 9xxx, HP, HPE
Serveurs Microsoft, Linux, VM
Telephony: CISCO, AVAYA, GrandStream, EADS-AAstra/Matra-Mitel
Structured Copper/Fibre Wiring, patching, Cabinet et Data Center
CCORP - Limbourg (2009 - 2020)
• Development of software business, technical sales, computer networks, data
and integrated telephony for companies
• Development and implementation of action plans for all opportunities related
to key and strategic accounts
• Responsible for creation within the framework of CRM projects, large-scale
Call Center
• Management of an exceptional direct partnership with Cisco
Cobelcom SA - Groupe Collignon ENG, EIFFAGE BeNeLux – Erezée (2002- 2009)
• Project management at all stages, including conceptual planning, calendar
management and final implementation
• Commercial and technical business development: public, medical and industrial
• Development of marketing and communication campaigns
Page 3
• Study of customer preferences and behaviour combined with market trends and
historical data
• Improvement of the company's customer service rating by implementing
• Project management of IP Network, Voice over IP, Automation, network
convergence technology
STRENGTHS “I manage to make a specific simple technical explanation which is understandable also
for ordinary people who have no technical background “
• My experience in large and complex companies grants me adaptation and
proactivity without compromise
• Communicating the passion of my profession, I take the client where it is need
while respecting the technical requirements
• Management skills acquired within the Eiffage Benelux group.
• Excellent presentation skills, very good speech and comfortable in all
• Management of complex ICT and IT projects, management of teams acquired
within Collignon ENG sa, General electricity company BTP and private sector.
• My competence and qualification as a Business Development Manager has
been acquired throughout my career with an ability to find markets and my
extraordinary power of conviction.
• Astute psychologist, attentive to needs, with my technical background, I have a
great ability to gain trust and a great capacity for persuasion
• Difficult negotiations are my motivation and my references speak for themselves.
• Expert in replacement procedures and migrations both in IT infrastructure and
in software migration and development architecture (CRM / ERP), Telecom and
• Large capacity for training and self-training
• Appreciated for my ability to assess operational and technical needs, generate
solutions, develop them and ensure their sustainability.
Public, Industrial, Medical & Scientific Sectors
• Production of documentation and specifications
• Direction and management of technical studies NTIC / Planning
• Business development, management of ICT projects and independent
• Management, Business and Technical Developments, Project management and
• Study of technical choices and product strategies
• Project management using the AGILE method
REFERENCES Negotiation et Management of projects such as:
• Audi Brussels NV/AG, complete replacement of infrastructure and security
network for the production of the Audi A1, (2009 – 5 years contract,
3.500.000 €)
• Infomedics Call Center (Call Center et software) National medical for Holland
• Gauder Group SA (Belgium) (SETIC, Pourtier France) (GGC Chine) Management
of all software system, network, telephony
• Hotel Van Der Valk Belgium (Verviers, Gosselies, Nivelles) Wireless and mobile
application integration
• Ardenne Etape Group (Belgium/Luxembourg) Call Center ) Call Center and
software integration and Network
Page 4
• Institut of Pathology and Genetics (IPG) Gosselies (2007-2020, 790.000€)
• Study and complete replacement of the network infrastructure "Centre
Hospitalier de Mouscon" (CHM), (2007-2020, 670.000€)
• ESA: Efta Surveillance Autority EU community
• EFTA: European Free Trade Association EU community (Geneva, Brussels)
• Distribution consultant for AVAYA solutions
Crane Telecommunications Group Limited – Brussels/UK(2001-2002)
• Analysis and technical sales strategy for distribution of AVAYA solutions in
Wallonia and Luxembourg
• Development of IP services and AVAYA IP Telephony technology
• Relationship with the indirect channel / Integrators
• Technical sales and business advisor consultant
Muxum Datacom NV - Luxembourg, Zaventem / Brussels(2000-2001)
• Consultancy with network specialists to establish new markets in convergence
and the benefits of IP Data and Telecom solutions
• Close collaborations with Cisco, Extreme Network, Lucent, Checkpoint Nokia,
AVAYA in order to achieve these results
• Business and technical support in the field of IP Network-Internet and
SV Technology – Verviers (1997-2000)
• Implementation of strategies which enabled the company to be one of the first
players in the market “Internet operator in Belgium with EUNET"
• Director of operations, daily operational decisions
• Design and implementation of security measures such as firewalls and
=> 1st installation of a Cisco Call Manager in Belgium in 1999 between
Paris and Charleroi Client: UNITED FOODS SA (became Food Partners
Suisse, Kings Crabe & Chatka)
HOBBIES • motorbike: Royal Dison Motor Club Team
• PPL(H), Private Helicopter Pilot
• Electromechanical development DRONE, VTOL, UAV
• CNC machining, having my own VMC550L
• Music, piano.
• Travels and minitrips.
• Ski and sailing
Basically, I am a passionate technician and industrial computer scientist. Years ago, I
had the chance to become a private helicopter pilot. I have 10 years of experience in JAR
regulation then EASA and thanks to my technical experience, I acquired my Part-M EASA
under the control of the Belgian aeronautical administration.
During flight, I am structured and perceptive. Besides, I have the planning skills and I
can establish national and international flight plans. I have, moreover, proven my
abilities to lead projects in teams during missions up to the limits of European borders,
including Switzerland, France, Greece, Turkey and that was in particular for EuroSport

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