Ingénieur spécialisé en développement de produits à orientation écologique, soit biosourcés ou valorisation de déchet en nouvelle matière première
code OL-LU-201602-553 on au Luxembourg

multiskilled background, with technical experience in a global R&D Tech Center, product management with European scope, people management experience, and multifunctionnal project management. On the other hand, he ran high positions as well in smaller international companies.

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Expertise :

In the following industries:
Valorisation technique de sous-produits

Fields of practice:
., ., .

Management teams your interventions may concern:
Direction Technique 0 Direction des Operations

Types of interventions:
Analyse technique de produit, recherche de débouchés technico-commerciaux. intervention en solo, mais travail en équipe chez le client

Training courses attended:
Effective presentation skills
People management
Product Management
Project Management
LEAN product development

Bio-Ingénieur orientation chimie organique et biologique, diplômé de l'Université Catholique de Louvain à Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgique)


Led training courses:

Computer skills:
Excel, Word, Power Point

Languages: Fr En Nl

Some references:
Société Pyrum Innovations à Dillingen
Société HET à Dieuze

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Feb 14 - Jan 15

: Operations Director (COO)

Responsible for all operations, including production,
supply chain, purchasing, QHSSE, technical dpt and project management, in a
75 employees company, European leader in gaz cylinders periodic qualification
and refurbishment.

Reporting to the Managing Director.

Sep 12 - Feb 14

: Director Planning & Organisation

- In charge of product development planning
and supply (get the right product on time in required quantity), liaising
production and sales team

- Achievements :

Data manager : managed the SKU's lifecycle from
end to end (creation, supply, stock management)
System in place to assemble sales and stock
figures from Ice-Watch and its main European partners to better plan new
volumes replenishment from China.
ERP Manager : continuously improved local ERP
to satisfy user needs, defined spec for integrated new system

May 10 – Aug 12

Luxembourg : Director European Strategic Projects

- Complexity reduction project aiming
to increase production capacity without capital investment. Reporting line to
Vice President S&M Europe. Triple targets including various workstreams :

Production: Rationalization of tire production
from plant to plant. Main achievements: 91% of the SKU's met the newly
defined sourcing criteria, definition of incremental complexity cost
included in product definition business case.
R&D: Cleaning of component development and
plant production portfolio. Achievements : potential capacity made
available for 400.000 extra tires per year (11M€ margin)
S&M: SKU offer optimisation by brand,
segment : Over 300 SKU's cut (10% of total), to allow increased production
of the ones required by the business.

- Preparation of the
company to the EU tire labeling
which imposed visibility of specified performances in fuel
efficiency, braking on wet road, or noise generation. Reporting line to Vice
President S&M Europe. This project triggered massive changes in R&D
(better products to be developed), IT systems (grading systems to be included
in every media), production (tighter tolerances), supply chain (huge impact
on tires to be forecasted/produced), or Marketing (new way to get tires on
the market). Goodyear got ready on time in 2012.

April 08 – May 10

Luxembourg : R&D Manager Material Development Dpt

In charge of a global team (50 engineers), responsible
for development and approvals of raw materials, textile & steel
reinforcements, processing, and rubber compounds development, for all tire
lines (cars, trucks, farm) produced or sold in Europe, Middle East, Africa
and Asia. Reporting lines to Global Materials Director and General Director
of the Technical Center.

July 00 - April 08

Goodyear Luxembourg :
Product Manager Europe

In charge of
integrated planning for new product developments, plant
industrializations, and market introductions, as well as technical contact
for all European countries. Reporting line to the European Marketing Manager.

- Scope: All European brands and
markets, car tires.

March 90 - July 00

Luxembourg : Material Development Engineer

In charge of rubber development for internal components and tread compounds
for winter and high performance car tires.

- Gradually increased ranking / responsibilities,
leading to position of Team Leader for Passenger tires.

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